Ana Pinho

Ana Pinho

Secretary of State of Housing


Ana Pinho has a degree in Architecture, a PhD in Urban Planning (2009) and a post-doctoral thesis on National Policies for Urban Regeneration (2012). Her PhD thesis “Concepts and policies for urban regeneration: analysis of the Portuguese experience on local offices” won the IHRU prize for technical and scientific projects in 2010. She has been working in Augusto Mateus & Associados since 2015.

She developed research on the topics of housing and building rehabilitation, urban regeneration and regional planning in Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (2001-2012), and was Visiting Professor in various graduation and post-graduation courses in different universities, and coordinator of the Architecture Integrated Master in the Universidade Católica Portuguesa until 2014. She’s coordinated the Technical Guide for Housing Rehabilitation and has several articles and collaborations in dissertations on local development and urban and regional policies, and presented over thirty papers as guest speaker in scientific and technical events, both in Portugal and abroad.

Ana Pinho was Commissioner for the Strategic Charter of Lisbon in 2009 for the areas of housing, rehabilitation and urban rejuvenation, having also consulted for the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (2010-2015), and representing it in the Regions Committee. She was also part of the Mission Team “Lisboa-Europa 2020”. She has worked intensively in consultancy in domains such as urban regeneration, regional development and cohesion policies, especially for municipalities, but also for international institutions. Ana Pinho was part of national and international juries related to housing policies, rehabilitation and cities (RECRIA 2005-2007, REGIOSTARS 2015), member of an experts team for the evaluation of the program Parcerias para a Regeneração Urbana (POR LVT) and coordinator of the volunteer initiative for the rural agglomerates rehabilitation “Terra Amada”.