Ricardo Martins

Ricardo Martins

Business Developer Manager at Philips Lighting


Is Business Development Manager at Philips Lighting for the Iberian market, with a particular focus on the Public Administration he is responsible to develop large-scale projects that usually involve a massive replacement of all the lighting technology in a city such as:

  • Support cities to develop the first steps towards a Smart City through the integration of smart lighting with other city’s verticals like garbage collection, traffic, security, tourism, and heritage;
  • Identify business models suitable to finance the complete investment (ESCO model, European Funds, private capital and other models based on the payment of the investment with the energy savings);
  • Develop alliances with technology companies and other relevant players in the Smart Cities and IoT arena;

Before joining Philips, he developed his career in multinational companies, where he had the opportunity to work with customers from the most diverse areas such as Banking, Government, Telecommunications and Information Technology. He also worked as a Consultant and Advisor for several technology-based Startups.

Ricardo’s holds a postgraduate degree in Management & Business Consulting, awarded by ISEG, and an MBA from Porto Business School.