Co-design workshop, ZOOM Smart Cities icw Transformcity, August 31, 2018

Cities are shifting from top-down development of new areas towards transformation and densification of existing ones. Local governments have limited property in these areas and in order to reach local development goals and boost resilience on issues like real estate, public space, energy and mobility, on-going and active collaboration with the different local stakeholders and initiatives is essential.

Transformcity developed a new workflow and smart platform to manage these increasingly complex processes by bringing together all stakeholders and the local government to directly share and discuss data, plans, ideas and resources and collaborate on local projects. It helps to build a local community and empowers it to structurally self-organize. Transformcity was tested and proven during eight years of on the ground pioneering in one of Amsterdam’s toughest transformation districts and is now further developing and scaling.

ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES joins forces with Transformcity to organize a unique co-design workshop to discuss the urban development ecosystem in Amsterdam and Lisbon. What are the economic and political contexts? What kinds of initiatives, forms of collaboration and smart technology do we see emerging in both cities?

The goal is to compare the two cities and learn about the differences and similarities. What would be the ideal approach for both cities and what would be the requirements for the perfect smart tooling to support that overall approach? Can a basis be defined that works for both cities (possibly extended with different add-ons) or should the solution be completely modular, so every city can build their own solution from scratch?



Saskia Beer is CEO of the award-winning project TransformCity®, a smart online platform for collaborative urban planning and development, which has received interest from more than 50 cities worldwide and is a best practice in the Citizen City Action Cluster of European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC). As a leading urban pioneer, Saskia is actively involved in the international discourse about new strategies and technologies for urban planning.